Practical applications for teaching eCompetencies.
This is recent planning done using eCompetencies.
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Tablemat Planner
This planner is a document designed to 'lie over the top of' your existing planning. This means you take your unit plan and 'check off' the eCompetencies have been covered (it is not designed to have all the boxes filled -rather it's a way to check coverage)

Key Competency planner
This planner has been adjusted as I decided that a unit plan would more likely focus on one particular Key Competency per term or per unit of work.

Unit eCompetency planner
This unit of work links to our school vision which has been developing this year. The students don't have a grasp of the vision yet so my syndicate and I have taken our school unit title 'Mission Impossible' and have provided tasks that are linked to the key concept as well as coverage of the eCompetencies and the school's vision statement (again, I don't believe it is necessary to 'fill up' the planner but rather to use it as a way to check all aspects of eLearning are catered for).

Below is an assessment rubric for the key task in the unit.

The table below has the eCompetencies broken down into sections that could be focussed on in the classroom. There are links to online tools and some suggestions as to how they could be developed. See the link below to go to the full document.

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