Hi, I am Kellie McRobert, I have been teaching since 1998 as a scale A teacher - starting in Auckland at Orewa North Primary School where I was lucky to work with the guidance of Julie Aitkinson who developed my strong sound teaching pedagogy.

I then moved to sunny Nelson to work at Broadgreen Intermediate where the lovely Roger Brodie encouraged my to 'weave my magic'.
During my time at Broadgreen I discovered the joy of ICT tools and eLearning. I was fortunate to win a position of Media Suite teacher where I was responsible for the set up and running of a media based ICT programme. This programme covered advanced word processing, digital photography and image manipulation, digital storytelling and moving images -both animation and film. This process allowed me to clarify my ideas of the depth and breadth of knowledge available within eTools and eLearning both on and offline.

I now teach at Nayland Primary School where I have had further opportunity to develop my skills.
As luck would have it a group of 6 local of schools in Stoke, Enner Glynn, Tahunanui in Nelson formed the Whakatu ICT Cluster and I was awarded the position of eLearning lead teacher at Nayland Primary. This has allowed me to continue to develop my personal skills and also has pushed me to share my knowledge, thoughts, ideas and skills with teachers across the 6 schools involved.

As for where this leg of the journey was ULearn 2010, our cluster director made the statement that we were only allowed to attend this year if we prepared and applied to have a presentation at the conference!

Much thought and cunning plans later I thought about linking the Key Competencies to web 2.0 tools -with the working title of eCompetences (purely because it sounded good), this lead to some online research which uncovered the existing eCompetencies developed in the European Union.

The rest, as they say, is (living) history... Feel free to contact me at or for more information (I'll try to help).

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