Media LiteracyCombining and evolving with traditional mass media (text, radio, TV) & digital media.
  • Understanding Digital media (comparing and contrasting with Traditional media)
  • Visual Language -Static image creation
  • Visual Language -Moving image creation
  • Understanding advertising
  • Understanding Copyright
  • Understanding digital manipulation

Resources to support the development of Media Literacy.
Link to practical applications page for eLearning links

Link above to Creative Commons -understanding copyright and intellectual property This is a great site aimed at parents and teachers- great educational value and regular emails if you join up (free)

The Whakatu ICTPD cluster introduced a 3 day film festival for students in the 7 cluster schools in 2010. This gives students an opportunity to create meaning using digital tools. The media (newspaper) were also invited so this project provides students with online media in the form of a wikispace and a blog and is also covered by traditional media.

Showing students how easy it is to enhance images using 'adjust' and 'retouch' in iPhoto (not to mention what can be done in Photoshop

BookCorner by Simon Evans (Core Education & @dragon09)
Interview about Inanimate Alice a great digital novle that appeals to kids and has great scope for developing inferencing skills (among many more).