eAwarenessAwareness of ICTs and their relevance in society; incl. legal & ethical ‘digital citizenship, health & safety
  • Information sharing -Health & Safety
  • Digital Footprint
  • e-Inclusion
  • Legalities

Resources to support the development of eAwareness.
Link to practical applications page for eLearning links

http://www.commonsensemedia.org/ This is a great site aimed at parents and teachers- great educational value and regular emails if you join up (free)
This link to an animated video from Common Sense Media is a great way to introduce digital citizenship "My Online Neighborhood"

Link to discussions around Digital Citizenship within the Whakatu ICTPD cluster - whakatu schools
Link to the Link Learning Cluster wikispace digital citizenship - Link Learning

This (below) is a resource I developed to run with the current Keeping Ourselves Safe (Health) unit. The new yr0-3 unit has elearning links so the new yr4-6 on probably will too. In the meantime we (the senior syndicate at Nayland Primary School, Nelson) have used this document. It has the KOS module objectives from the unit and I have added cybersafety objectives based on the KOS ones. I have also added links to online resources for this age group to investigate online safety parallel to personal (offline) safety.** This document has stand alone value as part of an inquiry into Digital Citizenship and does not necessarily need to run alongside Keeping Ourselves Safey

Draft unit for Netbasics animated cybersafety episodes